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captsumieidiThis is the official site of PT. SAFE PROJECT LOGISTICS. We are a group of companies. Each of company has its own independency, capability and specialized field of business. Our clients made us grow. And together with time, our achievements progress are still going up year by year.

The services that customers ask of the logistics company are becoming more and more varied and customized. Each time you send your goods, you will need to contact logistics company as service provider.

PT. Safe Project Logistics here to facilitate and shorten this process. Whatever type of goods, whatever you wish to send them and no matter by land or sea, we have the infrastructure and network at your disposal.

By combining strength and expertise, PT. SPL Indonesia could better top into the potentials which the country has to offer in terms of shipping, transportation, and it is related activities. PT. SPL Indonesia has the capability to assist you to your overall business, and hope this introduction will give you special emphasis on every aspect of operation throughout the whole of the Indonesia archipelago.

Explore our site and find that our companies can give SOLUTIONS for your business needs.

Thanks for coming and visiting us. Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us anytime if you want to.

Capt. Sumeidi Noer
President Director


Capt. Sumeidi

Capt. Sumeidi

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PLTD Hative Ambon, Project Relocation Engine Wartsila 20W32 5MW 128 Tons From Finland to Ambon.

PLTD Ampenan, Containers was unloaded from mother vessel.

PLTGU Peaking Kaltim, Transportation 2 Units Turbine & Auxiliaries from Europe (Antwerp) to PLTGU Peaking Tanjung Batu Tenggarong Kalimantan Timur


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